Photographic Services

Lyons Gold Standard Multimedia LLC

We provide a variety of professional photographic services. They include:

  • Weddings
  • Newborn Photo sessions
  • Engagement sessions
  • Professional head shots
  • Modeling photo shoots and portfolio sessions
  • Real estate photography
  • Photography for social media content
  • Commercial product photos
  • Our photographers are professional and with ensure you feel secure and comfortable. We’ll work hard to be able to follow your directions to the best of our ability. We can shoot outdoors or in the comfort of your home. All photos will be color corrected and must be approved by you.

    All photos taken by LGM undergo profession color processing. Sometimes its hard to see the results without direct comparsion. So here is an example so you may be able to compare a photo before and after processing. We retouched this photo, removed background noise and improved the color brightness.

    Photo Processing


    For an affordable price we can produce a heartwarming video slideshow of your dearly beloved. Up to 30 images beautifully displayed hanging from the branches of a Grand Oak Tree, swaying gently in the wind to a soothing emotional piano melody. Perfect for a funeral, wake, repass or family viewing.