Video Editing/Post-Production Services

Lyons Gold Standard Multimedia LLC

  • Have video clips that need to be edited?
  • Have an idea for a music video but don't know how to get it started?
  • Have a story you want turned into a short film?
  • LGM offers several unique video production services. These services include memorial videos, wedding videos, and product commercial design. Our memorial videos are beautifully shot digital slideshows displaying between 10 to 30 photos. Each video is displayed along with the music of your choice. We also designed digital portfolios for actors entertainers and social media influencers that are designed to showcase both photos and videos as well as detailed biographies and contact information.

    LGM has the creative staff that can help you realize your dream project. By utilizing editing, special effects and or animation LGM can bring your project to life. If you're a YouTuber or social media influencer LGM offers affordable editing packages. All popular media platforms are supported such as TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


    Video Memorial Services

    Video Memorial

    For an affordable price we can produce a heartwarming video slideshow of your dearly beloved. Up to 30 images beautifully displayed hanging from the branches of a Grand Oak Tree, swaying gently in the wind to a soothing emotional piano melody. Perfect for a funeral, wake, repass or family viewing.

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