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Same logo, new name and a new direction. That’s right we’ve changed our name, we’ve added more services and even added talented staff. LGM is now known as Lyons Gold Standard Multimedia LLC.
Our Goal is to create a fresh new standard in the area of low-cost multimedia production. We’re calling it the “GOLD” standard.

We are committed to creating the most unique visual story for our clients using the latest graphic technology available. We’ll incorporate CGI, creative lighting as well as advanced editing techniques to meld together a virtual feast for the eyes.

If you need a commercial to help you build a brand for a product or service on a small budget LGM’s team of professionals can help get the job done.

Weddings, product branding, training videos, corporate meetings and public events are all projects that the videographers and editors at LGM are waiting to handle.

We still offer book publishing but only after the transcript has been thoroughly vetted. /div>